The Night Sky


These sites will guide you through the night sky:

TV: PBS weekly Star Gazers

Stars @ Chrome Experiments

Sky & Telescope: Sky at a glance

The Sky Live – With great online planetarium

Hubble site: Tonight’s Sky | Youtube channel

JPL Youtube channel: What’s Up Skywatching

Heavens Above

The Night Sky Guy

The Watchers:  Night Sky

In the Sky

Telescopius – What’s in the Sky Tonight? Astronomy Planning made easy

WorldWide Telescope

Google Sky


Light pollution: Light Pollution Map | Dark Site Finder | Map

Cosmic Pursuits – Articles and ebooks by Brian Ventrudo about stargazing. Archives of old site.

Aperture Astronomy – Great blog about observations and photography


If you’re out there observing, don’t forget the to print Star maps, free to use:

SFA’s Star Charts – PDF Star charts with Messier Deep Sky Objects

Mag 7 Star Atlas Project – Free Star atlas with Deep Sky Objects

Deep Sky Hunter Star Atlas – A3 Star Atlas with detailed DSO list

Skymaps – Monthly sky maps with the highlights listed


Deep Sky Objects:

Messier Objects – Wikipedia!

Sea and Sky – The Messier Catalog of Deep Sky Objects