Arrival of another movie

What would first contact with aliens be like? It’s the topic for many movies. But can we have enough contact movies? This year’s movie is called ‘Arrival’. Based on a short novel called ‘Story of your life’ it’s new to me but I hope to see it soon. US premiere November 11.

Gizmodo: Story of Your Life could be one of the year’s most magical films

Hopefully you didn’t miss last year’s documentary / science fiction movie ‘the Visit’. A fictional contact with aliens, what would happen?

Popular Science: The Visit explores what could actually happen

Other great contact movies:

Contact (the best!) | 2001Close Encounters of the Third KindE.T.The Day the Earth Stood StillThe Andromeda StrainSphereThe War of the WorldsThe Arrival and so on…

IMDb: Arrival | The Visit

Wikipedia: Arrival | The Story of Your Life