Robots on the move

They fly, play soccer and heavy metal. They may outrun you in the woods. We’ve had UAV’s for some years, now they are not remote controlled, the are autonomous:

That was Northrop Grumman. Boston Dynamics is moving on with their development. Bought by Google, funded by DARPA:

Soccer playing robots:

The Compressorheads:


Northrop Grumman

Boston Dynamics | Youtube channel




Wikipedia: | X-47BBoston Dynamics | DARPA

Self driving cars may be available on the consumer market any year now. Ok, one more. Robots acting as a 3D printer and building a bridge:


NASA study: Robots on the Moon

Richard Dawkins Foundation: NASA is Seriously Considering Terraforming Part of the Moon with Robots.

NASA is moving forward with a study to send robots to the moon. Here is another study:

Popular Science: Colonizing the Moon may be 90 percent cheaper than we thought.