OSIRIS-REx is launching today. Follow the mission at its own project site:

NASA: OSIRIS-REx watch it live

Wikipedia: OSIRIS-REx | Asteroid Bennu


Upcoming Space Missions

Where will we go this year? Both 2014 and 2015 were busy years for the space industry. This year will be adventurous too. I’m looking forward to missions like ExoMars, Juno arriving at Jupiter and the Osiris-Rex lifting off towards an asteroid. Check out, Wikipedia and Spaceflight Now. These are the Space Missions to watch in 2016

Spaceflight Now: Launch Schedule

SpaceX: Launch Manifest

JPL / NASA: Future Missions

ESA: Our Missions

Wikipedia: 2016 in SpaceflightSpaceflight Portal | ExoMars | Juno | OSIRIS-REx | 101955 Bennu

Update on Osiris-Rex

EarthSky: Update on mission to asteroid Bennu. URL:

There is of course a website for this yet to come mission. URL: Wikipedia is always worth a visit.

Osiris-Rex is a mission in NASA‘s New Frontiers Program. Wikipedia link: