A Message from Earth

Unlike Voyager and Pioneer the next space craft to leave the solar system, New Horizons, is not carrying a message from planet Earth. That can still be fixed. Onboard of New Horizons there is a computer that can be used to store a message when mission is completed beyond Pluto. What will the message be? How will possible aliens hack into the New Horizons computer to find the message? I’m curious to learn more about this project.

To learn more about the earlier probes leaving our Solar system you can check out the links in my post about the Voyager Golden Records.

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Space flight – 2015 in review

It’s been one of the most interesting years for a long time with a couple of milestones. Missions to Pluto and Ceres. Discoveries about Mars. Blue Origin and SpaceX’s rocket stage landings. A really good year for space exploration.

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Do not forget Yuri Milner’s SETI Breakthrough Initiative. I hope this initiative will bring us exciting news the coming years.

Space.com: Stephen Hawking helps launch massive search for E.T.

Wired: Largest ever search for E.T.

MAVEN and Mars Orbiter Mission (Mangalyaan) reached Mars in 2014 but are certainly part of space exploration in 2015. To see what’s up in the Solar System, please check out Olaf Frohn’s Armchair Astronautics.

Wikipedia: New HorizonsDawn | Pluto | CeresSpaceX | MAVEN | Mars Orbiter Mission