A tour inside the ISS

If you want a guided tour inside the International Space Station the above video is for you. Sunita Williams is going through the modules in this 25 minute movie. This really makes me want to go there.

NASA: Sunita Williams

Wikipedia: Sunita Williams


Cygnus going to the Space Station

Two launches today. First the LISA Pathfinder and then Cygnus to the ISS.

AmericaSpace: All systems Go | Live tracker

Spaceflight Now: Live Coverage

Space.com: Private Cygnus Spacecraft Launch

Wikipedia: Cygnus | Orbital ATK | Atlas VInternational Space Station

Soyuz TMA-18M to the ISS

The Soyuz flight TMA-18M has left the Baikonur Cosmodrome for the International Space Station. Crew Commander is Sergey Volkov. Singer Sarah Brightman stayed on Earth and first Kazakh cosmonaut Aidyn Aimbetov took her place. Third crew member is first Dane in space, Andreas Mogensen.

To make space for TMA-18M, astronaut Scott Kelly and cosmonaut Gennady Padalka was kind to move the Soyuz TMA-16M from the Poise module to the Zvezda docking port:

Space.com: Space Station Dock Switch


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