The end of the Rosetta mission

Tomorrow Friday will be the end of the Rosetta mission. It’s one of the European Space Agency’s most exciting missions. Here are some of the best links to learn more about it.

Follow it here: Rosetta @ Livestream

ESA: Rosetta mission web site | Rosetta team blogScience ’til the very end | F.A.Q. | ESA ESOCRosetta 3D model | Where is Rosetta?Youtube channel | Rosetta @ InstagramESA @ Facebook | Rosetta @ Twitter

Not enough? Got a 3D printer? Go here!

NASA: Rosetta mission web site

The Planetary Society: Rosetta end-of-mission event schedule Rosetta articles | Rosetta mission in pictures

EarthSky: Farewell, Rosetta comet mission

Wikipedia: Rosetta | Comet 67P | European Space Agency


3D Comet 67/P Churyumov-Gerasimenko

Spin the comet 67/P at the European Space Agency‘s comet tool. Photos taken by Rosetta, model made by Mattias Malmer. Found the link to this tool at the Planetary Society.