Astronomy Software


A great planetarium software. Beautiful and easy to use. This is what you need to learn about the night sky. For Mac, Linux and Windows. Free to use. URL:

NASA’s Eyes

My favorite application. This will give you a great overview over our solar system and current probes. A lot like Celestia. For Mac and Windows. Free to use. URL:

Google Earth

Don’t forget Google Earth. Besides maps over Earth it got maps over the Moon and Mars.


Turn your computer into an automatic alien hunter. The BOINC client is analysing data from radio telescopes to find signals from distant civilizations. Maybe it will be you who answers when ET calls? It can be used to help with more than that, there is a long list of available projects. BOINC web site | SETI@home web site | Wikipedia: SETI@home

Virtual  Moon Atlas

Take a closer look at the moon. High resolution texture can be added. For Mac, Linux and Windows. Free to use. URL:

Skychart / Cartes du Ciel

Sky mapping software from the same author as Virtual Moon Atlas. This has been around for a long time but is still useful. URL:


A bit like NASA’s Eyes, but you can view more than the solar system. You can virtually explore our whole galaxy. It has a clean interface. Perfect for the classroom. Every teacher should learn how to use it. You will need a couple of  minutes to get used to the controls. Read the User Guide and learn to use the software and it will be your primary tool to learn your students about the universe. Not updated for years. For Mac, Linux and Windows. Free to use. URL:


Mobile Apps:


There are so many mobile applications out there, I have tried a lot of them but not all. Luminos is the one I always return to. For Ios. Not free but well worth the money. Found at App Store. This and Scope Nights might be the only apps you need for your observations. Both have night vision (red light) modes that won’t ruin your eye’s dark adaption. URL:

Scope Nights

Tells me if the weather is ok. With the Dark Sky upgrade you will also get a light pollution map. For little money you get the two apps you need, Luminous and Scope Nights. Sky Live and Clear Outside can also be used but they’re made for Iphone.

Space, Astronomy & NASA News

If you really need another app, Space, Astronomy & NASA News is great for news.

Dark Sky

Light pollution map if you don’t upgrade Scope Nights.

Star Walk 2

Great sky simulation.

Solar Walk 2

Display of the solar system.