Life long batteries?

Playing around with nanowires Mya Le Thai discovered batteries that can be recharged up to 200,000 times. An important discovery for everyone living a mobile lifestyle.

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SpaceX is landing first stage

SpaceX is back to flight launching a number of satellites and their first stage is back too. This will make spaceflight cheaper and for SpaceX it’s another step towards Mars. A giant step for Man? The Falcom Has Landed!

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The creators of Unix

When I’m writing this on my laptop I would like to think it’s a state of the art machine. But the software is based on Unix that was born the same year as I was. That doesn’t make it bad, it tells us it has survived for decades were software can be replaced in an instant. So who came up with Unix?

(I wrote this on a Mac and updated it on a laptop running Linux)

Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie together others developed Unix in the early 1970’s. Ritchie also created the programming language C used to develop Unix. Today you’ll find Unix and its variants along with software written in C everywhere.

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