The simulated Universe

Supercomputers are used to simulate the universe from Big Bang to present day. The Illustris Project is the biggest virtual universe yet. It took years to program it and the system was completed in 2014. Data from the project was released in 2015. Data from the simulation is now compared to real life observations.

Link: The Illustris Project web site

Gizmag: Illustris omputer simulation creates the first realistic virtual universe

Presentation of the project at ArXiv

Presentation of the project data at ArXiv

Top 500 of supercomputers (nr 27 was used by Illustris)

More simulations: NASA Pleiades Supercomputer | About Pleiades

Cosmos Magazines: A ringside seat at the birth of stars

Wikipedia: Illustris project | Pleiades


More Infographics

Credit: southpaw661

Because pictures are sometimes worth more than a thousand words infographics is a great way to share information. I found two collections of high quality infographics suitable for just any classroom or home.

Found almost the same here (with a hight resolution link) where Sean McNaughton, Samuel Velasco, 5W Infographics, Matthew Twombly, Jane Vessels, NGM staff and Amanda Hobbs were credited.

Jet Propulsion Lab’s Infographics’s Infographics

Smarter than you thought

Underground structures found in France tells us that the Neanderthals were capable of more then we have previously thought. In recent years we have learned more and more about them. Even though some of us are sure we have met them they became extinct 30,000 years ago. Not here to defend themselves they have been bad-mouthed since the days of Hobbes. Now we’re hopefully seeing a change. The Neanderthals had culture, art and now we’ve found traces of their constructions. They even had larger brains than us.

Science Alert: Neanderthals built underground structures

National Geographics: Neanderthals built mysterious stone circles

ArsTechnica: Unprecedented discovery of structures created by Neanderthals

Wikipedia: Neanderthal

Tycho Brahe Planetarium

Another trip to Copenhagen. Took the time to visit the Planetarium and watched the exhibition and the movie Space Next at the planetarium’s Imax theatre. Didn’t try the restaurant. Great place, bring the kids. The Planetarium uses the Izi Travel app for English audio.

Tycho Brahe Planetarium

Restaurant Cassiopeia

Movie: Space Next | Facebook page

Izi Travel

Wikipedia: Tycho Brahe | Tycho Brahe Planetarium | IMAX