Mars 2030

Please check out this blog post about the coming VR adventure from NASA:

Gondica: Mars 2030: Virtual-reality Mars

The question is if it will support Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard?


Star Trek Continues

The original Star Trek was cancelled in 1969. Now it continues on YouTube or Vimeo. Made by fans and funded by kickstarter campaigns. Actors are not just fans and amateurs. Take a look at the cast. I found both Lou Ferrigno and Erin Gray there but you’ll easily recognize a few more. Read about it at Open Culture:

Open Culture: Watch Star Trek Continues, Fan-made sequel to original series

Site: Star Trek Continues | YouTube ChannelFacebook | Wikipedia | IMDb

Science Fiction inspired by Microsoft

Microsoft has released a collection of short stories from well known science fiction writers. They were invited to Microsoft’s research department for inspiration. Sales stunt? Of course. But with writers like Greg Bear, Elizabeth Bear and David Brin among the names you may want to get your own copy. It’s free so you got nothing to lose (I haven’t read it myself yet).

Microsoft: Future Visions: Original Science Fiction Stories Inspired by Microsoft

The Verge: Microsoft publishes sci-fi anthology

Wikipedia: Greg Bear | Elizabeth BearDavid Brin | Nancy Kress | Ann Leckie | Jack McDevitt | Seanan McGuire | Robert J. Sawyer