Cassini’s Grand Finale

The fantastic adventure of the Cassini mission is coming to an end. Epic Cassini Saturn mission begins Grand Finale this month

NASA: Cassini mission web site | Grand Finale Toolkit

NASA: Cassini mission prepares for Grand Finale | Ring-Grazing Orbits | Mission resources

Google’s doodle for April 26 is dedicated to the Cassini probe.

Wikipedia: Cassini-Huygens

The First Words on the Moon

You think you know the first words spoken on the moon? Watch this video. Is this important? Not sure, but I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to post interesting facts about the greatest adventure in the history of mankind. Now it sounds more interesting, right? The original transcripts of the radio communication between Earth and the Moon is available at NASA. The video is from Scott Manley’s Youtube channel and I recommend you to check it out if you’re the slightest interested in space or computer games related to space.

NASA: Apollo 11 onboard audio

NASA: Apollo 11 mission transcripts (PDF)

Scott Manley @ Youtube

Wikipedia: Apollo 11