Lunar Documentaries

Just a short reminder that you can find great documentaries out there. One is Lunar Documentaries. A channel with a couple of really good documentaries about the Moon and our exploration of it. Enjoy!

Update: this channel has been moving around lately. Kicked out of Youtube, moving to Daily Motion and now they are on Facebook:

Facbook: Lunar Documentaries

Daily Motion: Lunar Documentaries

Know your cosmic neighborhood


At Chrome Experiments you can get a good view over our nearest stars. Zoom in, or out. Check out 100,000 other stars. A very cool site! Picture credit: Chrome Experiments.

Stars @ Chrome Experiments

Wikipedia: Nearest stars

101 Astronomical Events in 2017

Get this free ebook to get ready for this year’s observations of the night sky. It’s written by David Dickinson and completely free to download. This is a well written book with a lot of effort put into the writing. Please find it at the best site about space and astronomy: Universe Today. David is a writer at the site and you can find him on Google Plus, at Astro Guyz and other places online. More about the book here.

Free ebook: 101 Astronomical Events in 2017

Other contributors are Cory Schmitz from PhotographingSpace and Paul Stewart from Upside Down Astronomer.

So, is Universe Today really the best site about Space and Astonomy? Yes, according to this list, it’s at the top:

  1. Universe Today
  2. Planetary Society
  3. Astronomers Without Borders
  5. Wikipedia

Ok, it’s my own list but I doubt it only reflects my opinion. There are many really good sites online but if you can only remember five sites the above list is enough to keep you informed and involved in everything related to space and astronomy in 2017.

Science Talks

If you want to learn about science, space and astronomy the internet could be your best friend. The SETI Institute have their equivalent to TED Talks Science. Free science lectures not only about finding life in the universe but also about space exploration and astronomy in general. Great educational material by astronomers available for everyone. At the moment they have nearly 200 lectures.

SETI Institute: SETI Talks | Youtube channel

TED Talks Science

Not only are there lectures to watch, there are a few really good pod casts to listen to. Please check my Space News section where you find pod casts like these:

The Big Picture (also from the SETI Institute)

Planetary Radio


And if you like to read there is of course the free online encyclopedia Wikipedia:

Space Portal | Astonomy Portal

Vintage Space

If you, like me, can’t get enough about space exploration you will sooner rather than later find Amy Shira Teitel’s Youtube channel or at her blog at Popular Science. Or you will get her book, “Breaking the chains of gravity“. There aren’t to many female space geeks out there so it’s always fun when you spot one. I haven’t started reading her book yet but I will. My reading list is quite long and time is limited. Right now I’m reading “Infinity Beckoned” by Jay Gallentine. Just cannot stop reading it so Amy’s book has to wait a little longer (and I’m getting “Russia in space” by Anatoly Zak after that). There are so many books to read if you wonder why this blog is rarely updated.

Amy’s Youtube channel: Vintage Space | Web site

Her blog at Popular Science: Vintage Space

Cosmos Magazine: History is rocket science to Amy Shira Teitel