Tycho Brahe Planetarium

Another trip to Copenhagen. Took the time to visit the Planetarium and watched the exhibition and the movie Space Next at the planetarium’s Imax theatre. Didn’t try the restaurant. Great place, bring the kids. The Planetarium uses the Izi Travel app for English audio.

Tycho Brahe Planetarium

Restaurant Cassiopeia

Movie: Space Next | Facebook page

Izi Travel

Wikipedia: Tycho Brahe | Tycho Brahe Planetarium | IMAX


Business trip to Dubai

Working in Dubai this week. This is a surreal place but I cannot help liking it. This is one place were I would not like to drive (I’m brave enough to admit that). People are driving like crazy. I do fine with the Metro, it’s great (and clean!). There a lot of nice cars though. I would guess the oldest car in Dubai is three years old.

Yes, it’s their national day here. Not the best week for work. Quite lonely in the office 🙂

Wikipedia: United Arab Emirates

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Weekend in Copenhagen

Made a short stop in Copenhagen to visit the Christmas village at Tivoli. Wet, cold and snow mixed with rain but what to expect from the Scandinavian winter? A very nice Tivoli visited for the second time but not the last. Also stopped at the Zoo but need to return when it’s warmer.

I also learned to postdate on WordPress since I was to lazy to post this while in Copenhagen. This was actually posted December 2.

Links: Tivoli | Copenhagen Zoo | DGI Byen