New SETI documentary in production


This is a movie to look forward to: Earthling’s Quest. Meet the guys behind the search for extraterrestrial life. The movie is expected in 2019 or at least before E.T. calls. The funding period on Kickstarter was a bit short and the goal was not met but they are carrying on.

What you should read are the articles in the AstroArt blog at Astronomers without borders: Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

You can follow this project at Facebook: Earthling’s Quest

Production company: Fosfor Produktion

SETI Institute: Seth Shostak | Jill Tarter | Jon Richards | Douglas Vakoch (has now left for METI) | All

METI International: Douglas Vakoch

Astronomy Without Borders | Facebook page

Wikipedia: SETI Institute | Seth Shostak | Jill Tarter


Juno will soon arrive at Jupiter

Last summer we followed New Horizons visiting Pluto. Now NASA is at it again. The Juno Mission will reach Jupiter on 4th of July. It will not just fly by but orbit Jupiter for more than a year. You can follow the adventure at NASA or among other sites.

NASA: Juno Mission | Twitter | NASA TV schedule and links | Juno paper model Closing in on Jupiter | Latest News | Complete Mission Coverage

The Verge: NASA’s Juno spacecraft will soon reach Jupiter

Apple:  Destination: Jupiter – Inspired by NASA’s Juno mission

Wikipedia: Juno

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Open Source Software confirmed Exoplanets

The discovery of 1284 new exoplanets made by the Kepler space observatory was confirmed by open source software. Kepler is producing so many exoplanet candidates that astronomers have a hard time confirming them all. How could so many candidates be confirmed in one batch? With new open source software, VESPA, written by Timothy D. Morton. Now we know of more than 3,400 exoplanets. False positive probabilties for all Kepler Objects of Interest

Princeton University: More than 1,200 new planets confirmed using new technique

Astronomy Now: NASA’s Kepler mission announces largest collection of exoplanets ever discovered The gruntwork behind Kepler’s new batch of exoplanets

Github: VESPA

NASA: Kepler | New World Atlas

Wikipedia: Kepler | Exoplanet

More exoplanets: | Habitable Exoplanets Catalog | Open Exoplanet Catalogue

What if the universe was created just for you?

Assiye Süer is an enthusiastic space explorer who held her first TEDx event in December. She has a blog at, it’s in Swedish but you’ll easily find the translate button. Her blog covers most things related to astronomy and I think we’ll see more of Süer in the public outreach field.


TEDx Talks | YouTube