Blog Hibernation

As you have noticed, this blog is no longer updated. I’m busy working but also reading all books and blogs out there. There are also plenty of movies and podcasts to watch or listen to. I will still update the below pages if you’re interested in what I’m following and reading online:

Space News – Sites, blogs and podcasts. More than I have time for.

Space Exploration – Unmanned space exploration.

The Night Sky – Get out there, watch it live!

Following all those sites, blogs and podcasts is what’s keeping me busy. And a few books and movies of course. I never intended to write articles of my own but to guide you to what is the most interesting in the ocean of information. This is it. Check out the above links and you’ll probably be as busy as I am. A good start but then you’re on your own 🙂

Last tip: WordPress! Full of excellent blogs:

The Science Geek

Aperture Astronomy

Seeking Delphi

Rationalising the Universe


False Steps