Live science fiction adventure

It was ten years since I played Eve Online. I had to stop because it was time consuming, not for any other reason. It’s a very well made online game. You travel between solar systems and space stations, mining asteroids and fighting pirates or just exploring the universe. Instead of watching a sci-fi movies you’re living inside one. So why mentioning this old game? Because it’s still a great game and now it’s also free to play (that’s why I’m playing again). Free accounts have limitations but it will take you a while to experience them. The game has a learning curve too, but it’s worth the time to get to know this virtual universe and there is help to get online or in game.

So what is the game about? That is basically up to you. There will be a bit of mining asteroids but you can buy or sell things or turn into a pirate. If you’re at my age you will probably see the similarities with games like ELITE and Home world. Or maybe not, Eve Online is far more complex.

Link: Eve Online

Learn playing: EVE University UniWiki

For beginners: Brave Collective Wiki

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