The history of EPCOT

Disney’s theme park is the result of what was once plans for a real futuristic city: Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. The plans included new transportation and communication systems. I haven’t been to the theme park but now I got really interested. Paleofuture, Disney Avenue and The Original Epcot has great articles about this past future.

Gizmodo Paleofuture: Long lost proposal shows plan for EPCOT’s cashless city of the future

Gizmodo Paleofuture: Revisiting Epcot Center

Disney Avenue: RCA’s 1968 Proposal to Build a Communication System at Disney World

Disney Avenue: The amazing EPCOT model

Disney Avenue: The RCA System Communication Center

The Original Epcot

Wikipedia: Epcot


Shiaparelli lands on Mars today

Follow Shiaparelli’s descent to the Mars surface here:

Except ESA’s Livestream channel you can follow the mission at ESA.

Media kit: PDF

Wikipedia: ExoMars