Soviet Science Fiction movies

If you’re a science fiction fan like me you must watch all movies you can find. It doesn’t matter if they’re not very good, you need to give them a chance. In my experience most of them aren’t very good but you simply have to the take the good with the bad. So it made me quite happy to find this site:

Soviet Science Fiction Movies

You have probably already seen Solaris? I mean the original, not the one with George Clooney. I even found one movie by Klushantsev that I spent some time and money to find a couple of years ago. If you can stand the politics, enjoy the movies. Maybe you have also seen Aelita? That movie is not available at the site above but you can find it at Youtube. I found it here:

Open Culture: The first Russian science fiction film: Aelita: Queen of Mars

I’ll end with some Soviet art work: Communist life in Space.

The Guardian: Seven Soviet sci-fi films everyone should see

Pavel Klushantsev: IMDb | Wikipedia


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