Soviet Science Fiction movies

If you’re a science fiction fan like me you must watch all movies you can find. It doesn’t matter if they’re not very good, you need to give them a chance. In my experience most of them aren’t very good but you simply have to the take the good with the bad. So it made me quite happy to find this site:

Soviet Science Fiction Movies

You have probably already seen Solaris? I mean the original, not the one with George Clooney. I even found one movie by Klushantsev that I spent some time and money to find a couple of years ago. If you can stand the politics, enjoy the movies. Maybe you have also seen Aelita? That movie is not available at the site above but you can find it at Youtube. I found it here:

Open Culture: The first Russian science fiction film: Aelita: Queen of Mars

I’ll end with some Soviet art work: Communist life in Space.

The Guardian: Seven Soviet sci-fi films everyone should see

Pavel Klushantsev: IMDb | Wikipedia


Why Russia didn’t make it to the Moon

Short movie about why Russia didn’t land on the moon. The movie is made by Curious Droid and you’ll find more movies at their web site. Well, could they have landed a man on the Moon? Maybe if they hadn’t sent their Chief Designer to Gulag. Just a thought.

Curious Droid: Web site

Popular Mechanics: Why didn’t Russia ever make it to the Moon?

Russian Space Web

Hopefully this book will tell me more: Russia in Space (still waiting for it to be delivered)

Wikipedia: Soviet manned lunar programs | N1 rocket | Sergei Korolev | Vladimir Chelomey

Help NASA to build a better robot

NASA wants your help. Develop software for a virtual Robonaut 5 (R5) Valkyrie to solve problems on Mars. You can win a million dollars.

NASA: Spacebot


PC Mag: Build a space robot for NASA

Two universities are already working on Valkyrie:

Northeastern University: NASA Space Robotics Challenge

NASA does a lot of research, not just in robotics, and now it will be made public. Their research is now available at PubSpace.

Arrival of another movie

What would first contact with aliens be like? It’s the topic for many movies. But can we have enough contact movies? This year’s movie is called ‘Arrival’. Based on a short novel called ‘Story of your life’ it’s new to me but I hope to see it soon. US premiere November 11.

Gizmodo: Story of Your Life could be one of the year’s most magical films

Hopefully you didn’t miss last year’s documentary / science fiction movie ‘the Visit’. A fictional contact with aliens, what would happen?

Popular Science: The Visit explores what could actually happen

Other great contact movies:

Contact (the best!) | 2001Close Encounters of the Third KindE.T.The Day the Earth Stood StillThe Andromeda StrainSphereThe War of the WorldsThe Arrival and so on…

IMDb: Arrival | The Visit

Wikipedia: Arrival | The Story of Your Life