Vintage Space

If you, like me, can’t get enough about space exploration you will sooner rather than later find Amy Shira Teitel’s Youtube channel or at her blog at Popular Science. Or you will get her book, “Breaking the chains of gravity“. There aren’t to many female space geeks out there so it’s always fun when you spot one. I haven’t started reading her book yet but I will. My reading list is quite long and time is limited. Right now I’m reading “Infinity Beckoned” by Jay Gallentine. Just cannot stop reading it so Amy’s book has to wait a little longer (and I’m getting “Russia in space” by Anatoly Zak after that). There are so many books to read if you wonder why this blog is rarely updated.

Amy’s Youtube channel: Vintage Space | Web site

Her blog at Popular Science: Vintage Space

Cosmos Magazine: History is rocket science to Amy Shira Teitel

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