A tour inside the ISS

If you want a guided tour inside the International Space Station the above video is for you. Sunita Williams is going through the modules in this 25 minute movie. This really makes me want to go there.

NASA: Sunita Williams

Wikipedia: Sunita Williams


The Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate 2016

Now you can watch the latest Asimov debate if you haven’t already.

American museum of natural history: 2016 Isaac Asimov Debate: Is the universe a simulation?

This week in space

Short notes, don’t miss the next attempt to expand the Bigelow BEAM module at the ISS tomorrow. Check out Space.com.

Ancient life on Mars? Check out Gizmodo.

While writing this I’m waiting for the next SpaceX launch of a Thaicom satellite.

About waiting, this book, Star Trek: The Official guide to our Universe is coming out next month.

Smarter than you thought

Underground structures found in France tells us that the Neanderthals were capable of more then we have previously thought. In recent years we have learned more and more about them. Even though some of us are sure we have met them they became extinct 30,000 years ago. Not here to defend themselves they have been bad-mouthed since the days of Hobbes. Now we’re hopefully seeing a change. The Neanderthals had culture, art and now we’ve found traces of their constructions. They even had larger brains than us.

Science Alert: Neanderthals built underground structures

National Geographics: Neanderthals built mysterious stone circles

ArsTechnica: Unprecedented discovery of structures created by Neanderthals

Wikipedia: Neanderthal