Tycho Brahe Planetarium

Another trip to Copenhagen. Took the time to visit the Planetarium and watched the exhibition and the movie Space Next at the planetarium’s Imax theatre. Didn’t try the restaurant. Great place, bring the kids. The Planetarium uses the Izi Travel app for English audio.

Tycho Brahe Planetarium

Restaurant Cassiopeia

Movie: Space Next | Facebook page

Izi Travel

Wikipedia: Tycho Brahe | Tycho Brahe Planetarium | IMAX


Peak Fish

Fully updated on the Kardashians? You may have missed some slightly more important news. The news isn’t that we have reached Peak Fish. The news is that we did twenty years ago. So forget the Kardashians, Palin and Trump for a while and read something real:

The Washington Post: Why we’ve hugely underestimated overfishing

Found it at Richard Dawkins Foundation

Wikipedia: Overfishing

Signs of a new planet

Seem to be big news today that we have evidence of another planet. But Mike Brown has been talking about this possible planet since the discovery of minor planet Sedna.

Caltech: Evidence of a real ninth planet

IOP Science: Evidence for a distan giant planet in the Solar system

Mike Brown @ CaltechKonstantin Batygin @ Caltech

Mike Brown’s planets | The Search for Planet Nine

Forbes: Not so fast: Why there likely isn’t a large planet beyond Pluto

Wikipedia: Planet NineSedna | Planets beyond Neptune | Kuiper belt | Mike Brown

More Apollo program history

Can’t get enough of man’s greatest adventure, the Apollo program, that took man to the Moon. Above is a documentary about Apollo 8, first manned mission around the moon.

That’s not all. So much has been written about Apollo so it will keep coming. Ars Technica has two well written stories about NASA’s Mission Control Center:

Going boldly: Behind the scenes at NASA’s hallowed Mission Control Center

Apollo Flight Controller 101: Every console explained

Wikipedia: Apollo program | Apollo 8 | Mission Control Center | Christopher Kraft