SpaceX is landing first stage

SpaceX is back to flight launching a number of satellites and their first stage is back too. This will make spaceflight cheaper and for SpaceX it’s another step towards Mars. A giant step for Man? The Falcom Has Landed!

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You can be a Space Explorer!

You’re not an astronomer and you’re not ready to leave Earth? You can still participate in space exploration. There are even things you can do without leaving your computer. I covered a few of these things in a post I called “become an armchair discoverer“. Of course there was someone who had already made such a presentation. And much better as well. is where you go if you want to be a Space Explorer. And who doesn’t? Ariel Waldman made the Spacehack site which is exactly the kind of site I love. But that’s not all. Together with Lisa Ballard she have also created the fantastic site. That’s the best introduction to the active space probes I have found so far. You can learn a bit more about Ariel and Lisa at CNet.

The documentary Waldman mentioned in the above video clip is available at Youtube, I mentioned it here.

Anonymous hacks ESA?

A number of news sites says hacker community Anonymous has hacked the European Space Agency. Anonymous has previously targeted organisations like the Church of Scientology, the Westboro Baptist Church and ISIS. To add ESA to that list seem a bit odd. Not sure everyone takes Anonymous seriously but for those who do their new hack may need a better explanation than doing it just for fun. IBTimes is one of few sources saying this is hack is not verified independently.

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ESA web site

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GQ interview with Elon Musk

GQ Magazine has an interview with Elon Musk well worth reading. For those who follow one of the most interesting persons in modern time there are a few things to read. The biography by Ashlee Vance, the Wait-but-why articles and now the GQ interview.

GQ: How Elon Musk plans on reinventing the world

By the way, SpaceX is planning to return to flight in a couple of days! SpaceX shooting for a December 19 return to flight