The Evening Sky Map

There are many good tools to help you plan your night sky observations. Computers, tablets and phones with hundreds of applications simulating the sky, keeping track of weather, light pollution and so on. Or why not keep it simple and just bring an old fashioned piece of paper with notes of the highlights to observe. sells books, maps, posters and more but they also offer the free Evening Sky Map.

There is a new issue every month. As they say themselves, each issue contains a detailed sky map, a monthly sky calendar and a descriptive list of the best objects to see with binoculars, a telescope or just your eyes.

This is a great companion to print and pack into your binocular case or in your pocket. There is a northern, equatorial and southern edition. It’s free for non-commercial educational use, please read the Terms of Use. I’m not paid for this post, I just think this is a well made and very useful map and calendar.


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