The Manned Orbiting Laboratory

The U.S. Air Force MOL program from 1963 has been partly declassified. has a great article about the planned military space station. Military Space Station: Details of Secret Cold War Project | Video

NASA: MOL space suits

Popular Science: The Manned Orbital Laboratory the Air Force failed to launch

Astronautica: MOL

Secret Spacecraft: MOL

The U.S. wasn’t alone having secrets. It’s known that the Russian military space stations were armed but its just recently we learned the details about machine guns in space.

Popular Mechanics: Soviet Union’s secret Space Cannon

Popular Science: Soviet Space Station fired gun in orbit

Wikipedia: Manned Orbiting Laboratory | Dyna-Soar | Rikhter R-23


Space flight – 2015 in review

It’s been one of the most interesting years for a long time with a couple of milestones. Missions to Pluto and Ceres. Discoveries about Mars. Blue Origin and SpaceX’s rocket stage landings. A really good year for space exploration. Biggest Spaceflight Moments of 2015 Biggest Stories of 2015

The Planetary Society Radio: 2015: A Great Year for Space Exploration

Do not forget Yuri Milner’s SETI Breakthrough Initiative. I hope this initiative will bring us exciting news the coming years. Stephen Hawking helps launch massive search for E.T.

Wired: Largest ever search for E.T.

MAVEN and Mars Orbiter Mission (Mangalyaan) reached Mars in 2014 but are certainly part of space exploration in 2015. To see what’s up in the Solar System, please check out Olaf Frohn’s Armchair Astronautics.

Wikipedia: New HorizonsDawn | Pluto | CeresSpaceX | MAVEN | Mars Orbiter Mission

Russia is building a new Space Port

The Vostochny Cosmodrome is expected to be completed in 2018. First launch was planned for late 2015. With not so many hours left we’ll see how that goes but much of the infrastructure is said to be in place. The new cosmodrome will more or less replace the historical Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. In the process Russia is increasing the control over Roscosmos, their federal Space Agency.

Engadget: Putin dissolved Roscosmos

Mail Online: First pictures inside huge Siberian cosmodrome

Wikipedia: Vostochny Cosmodrome | Baikonur Cosmodrome | Plesetsk Cosmodrome | Roscosmos

Falling drone nearly hit skier

This has gone way to far. There are reports of drones nearly hitting planes and helicopters. What are people thinking? This will only lead to more ridiculous rules and licenses because of a few clueless criminals.

Where I live laser pointers are already restricted because of misuse. The fact they are perfect for demonstrating the night sky to other people does not matter when they’re also used to damage people’s eyes. What will happen to drones? Get a clue before getting a drone.

The Telegraph: Skier nearly killed by falling camera drone

Who will look for Lisa?

In 1983 Atari buried cartridges with its unsuccessful game E.T. Some of the buried cartridges were recovered in 2014, covered by the documentary “Atari: Game Over” (produced by Microsoft).

Atari is not the only company doing this. In 1989 Apple buried a batch of Lisa computers they could not sell. Apple Lisa was the predecessor to the Macintosh. The site is a landfill in Logan, Utah. When will anyone try to recover computers from that place?

HJ News: Logan has interesting link to Apple computer history

ArsTechnica: E.T. cartridges buried in New Mexico

USA Today: Diggers find Atari’s E.T. games in landfill

IMDb: Atari: Game Over

Wikipedia: Atari video game burial | Zak PennApple Lisa