How to go to space

I’m a fan of people able to explain complicated things in an easy way. Making knowledge available to everybody is important. This movie, however, is maybe taking it to far. Judge for yourself. Epic video simplifies how to go to space




Weekend in Copenhagen

Made a short stop in Copenhagen to visit the Christmas village at Tivoli. Wet, cold and snow mixed with rain but what to expect from the Scandinavian winter? A very nice Tivoli visited for the second time but not the last. Also stopped at the Zoo but need to return when it’s warmer.

I also learned to postdate on WordPress since I was to lazy to post this while in Copenhagen. This was actually posted December 2.

Links: Tivoli | Copenhagen Zoo | DGI Byen

Science Fiction inspired by Microsoft

Microsoft has released a collection of short stories from well known science fiction writers. They were invited to Microsoft’s research department for inspiration. Sales stunt? Of course. But with writers like Greg Bear, Elizabeth Bear and David Brin among the names you may want to get your own copy. It’s free so you got nothing to lose (I haven’t read it myself yet).

Microsoft: Future Visions: Original Science Fiction Stories Inspired by Microsoft

The Verge: Microsoft publishes sci-fi anthology

Wikipedia: Greg Bear | Elizabeth BearDavid Brin | Nancy Kress | Ann Leckie | Jack McDevitt | Seanan McGuire | Robert J. Sawyer

Who is Sgt. Candy?

Have you ever wondered why all the Terminators (T-800) looks the same? The were simply based on the same person, Chief Master Sergeant William Candy. If you like the Terminator movies you should see this deleted scene from Terminator 3 (if you’re a real fan you probably already have)!

Terminator Wiki: William Candy | Wikipedia: Terminator