Engelbart’s computer, 1968

How do you picture a computer built in 1968? Probably not like the one Engelbart built at that time. His On-Line System had a lot of what we take for granted today. It inspired Xerox PARC that lead to the graphical user interface, also taken for granted. It’s all history and you can watch it here.

ArsTechnica: Watching “The Mother of All Demos”

Douglas Engelbart Institute

Wikipedia: The Mother of All Demos | On-Line System | ARCDouglas Engelbart


Dell’s fishy security and privacy

Dell says customer security and privacy is a top concern after shipping laptops with vulnerable HTTPS root certificates. Test your Dell here.

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EFF: Superfish 2.o: Now Dell is breaking HTTPS

Computerworld: Dell security error widens as researchers dig deeper

ExtremeTech: Dell apologizes for Superfish-like scandal

Dell: Information on the eDellRoot certificate

Wikipedia: Root Certificate | Superfish

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NASA’s robot not ready for Mars

With help from MIT and Northeastern University NASA’s Valkyrie robot will be improved. It was beaten at the DARPA Robotics Challenge earlier this year. Robots will be essential when we’re going to Mars.

Computer World: NASA needs robotic upgrades for work on Mars

NASA: Two robots to University groups for R&D upgrades

Ars Technica: Team KAIST wins the DARPA Robotics Challenge 2015

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