Back to the Future Day

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Yes, it October 21, 2015. Seen any DeLoreans? I wan’t my hoverboard, and one Mr Fusion.

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Another close encounter

Asteroid 2015 TB145 was discovered on October 10. It will pass by Earth on October 31. Asteroids pass by Earth regularly, the difference is that big asteroids like this is often spotted more than three weeks before it’s passing by Earth. This asteroid could be as wide as 620 meters. A hit would have been disastrous.

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Discover Earth

The DSCOVR web site is up: It’s the satellite that took these great pictures of the Earth:

The Deep Space Climate Observatory was launched earlier this year. This satellite was proposed by Al Gore in 1998. For only $340 millions this satellite in L1 position will give us great pictures of the Earth every day.


Wikipedia: DSCOVR | Al Gore | Lagrange point

The creators of Unix

When I’m writing this on my laptop I would like to think it’s a state of the art machine. But the software is based on Unix that was born the same year as I was. That doesn’t make it bad, it tells us it has survived for decades were software can be replaced in an instant. So who came up with Unix?

(I wrote this on a Mac and updated it on a laptop running Linux)

Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie together others developed Unix in the early 1970’s. Ritchie also created the programming language C used to develop Unix. Today you’ll find Unix and its variants along with software written in C everywhere.

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Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series

This is first class science fiction. Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series. The foundation story was written over a period of 50 years and not in chronological order. I would love to pay for these books to have them on my Ipad but they’re not available on Itunes. But I found them at this Google site. Here is the preferred order to read the books, including the Robot and Empire series:

The Foundation series

The above guide is from “Prelude to Foundation” but also from sites like this and this.

The Foundation as HBO series?

The above site had a great illustration made by Michael Whelan.

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Isaac Asimov on the future: