Short film by Erik Wernquist



Robots on the move

They fly, play soccer and heavy metal. They may outrun you in the woods. We’ve had UAV’s for some years, now they are not remote controlled, the are autonomous:

That was Northrop Grumman. Boston Dynamics is moving on with their development. Bought by Google, funded by DARPA:

Soccer playing robots:

The Compressorheads:


Northrop Grumman

Boston Dynamics | Youtube channel




Wikipedia: | X-47BBoston Dynamics | DARPA

Self driving cars may be available on the consumer market any year now. Ok, one more. Robots acting as a 3D printer and building a bridge:

Library’s Tor relay back online

The Library Freedom Project set up a Tor relay at the Kilton Public Library in New Hampshire. The relay was later taken down after the Homeland Security learned about it. Now the Kilton Public Library has turned it back on again. Let’s hope it can stay on and encourage other libraries to take part of the project.


Lebanon Libraries

Library Freedom Project

Ars Technica – Library’s Tor relay now restored

Slate – Small Library Fought Government Fearmongering

Tor Project

Wikipedia: Tor (anonymity network)




Where is Warp drive going?

Warp drive and EM Drive? Highly controversial, we hope for more tests:

Space.com: No Warp Drive Here

Space Flight Insider: Is it or isn’t it?

EM Drive, just as controversial and just as interesting:

Wired: The “impossible” EM Drive…

Outer Places: EM Drive may work in space | EM Drive can get us to the moon…

ExtremeTech: EM Drive short on proof

Wikipedia: Warp-field interferometer | EM Drive

Just for fun, I’ll end with this: