Become an armchair discoverer

Internet has given us a great opportunity to let everyone take part and help out with real scientific research. Here are some projects where you can help:

Zooniverse – Operated by the Citizen Science Alliance it’s the largest citizen science project. Read more at Zooniverse or Wikipedia. There are several projects were you can take part: GalaxyZoo, Planet Four, Milky Way Project, Asteroid Zoo, Planet Hunters, Chimp&See and more than that. Help looking for signals at SETILive (not yet listed at Zooniverse).

SETI@Home – Put your computer at work. Running on a platform (BOINC) that is available for other projects as well. Your computer will analyze data from the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. More at SETI@Home or Wikipedia.

It doesn’t stop there. Wikipedia has a long list of projects you can help out with:

Wikpedia: List of citizen science projects


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